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Investing in Qatar

Investment in Qatar

Investing in Qatar through Angel investors in Qatar is a great start for any investor.

 Also,  Doha Tech Angels are Qatar’s first private angel fund and are registered with Qatar Financial Center (QFC).

 DTA is focused on providing seed funding for early-stage technology startups in Qatar.

Also to the Middle East, and beyond.

We are excited about working with entrepreneurs and teams that can take their companies to scale with drive, energy, determination, and ambition.

Also, Investing in Qatar in the Seed to Series A rounds of early-stage technology companies with high growth potential.

Doha TechAngels is managed by a team of 15 investors.

This includes experienced angel investors, strategy consultants, C level executives who have founded managed.

 and invested in ventures and have engaged in Digital and media ventures in MENA and beyond.

This team brings vast experience from many industry verticals such as.

technology, telecommunications, real estate, banking, education, healthcare, and investment.

  Furthermore,  DTA founders use their experience and networks to mentor and guide startups to support their growth and business development.

while a very diversified and experienced investment committee manages the fund.

  To add,   We have extensive experience in implementing projects in a wide variety of applications.

We are open to new opportunities and ready to help you realize your ideas and bring them to life.

What do we do?

We are passionate about entrepreneurs and teams that can show customer traction, energy, determination, and ambition.

Also, we invest from seed up to Series A’ rounds of early-stage technology companies with high growth potential.

DTA is not just a fund; DTA, its Board of Directors, and its Investment Committee use their time, experience, and networks.

And also to mentor and guide startups to support their growth and business development.

We host monthly pitch nights where selected startups pitch to DTA investors and other invited angels from the community.

Investing in Qatar and how it works 

  • The sector of Investing in Qatar

DTA focuses on technology-driven companies.

This is due to the fact that we believe we can contribute to the success of startups that we invest in through the network DTA investors possess.

  • The human factor in Investing in Qatar

DTA puts a lot of emphasis on the founders and their profiles.

We believe that the founders and the core team are an integral part of the success of the startups.

At least one of the active founders should be full-time dedicated to the startup.

  • Stage and valuation Investing in Qatar

DTA focuses on investing in early-stage startups. The company should be demonstrating traction of customers/sales.

Also, before starting investing with Qatar investors, there are a few things to take into consideration.

  •  Put everything on paper before Investing in Qatar

Some people might tell you that you should avoid contracts as much as possible.

Unfortunately, they are wrong.

 Before starting any deal – whether with a supplier or investor – work first on the terms of the agreement and put it on paper.

This will assure you that you have written documentation that might help you.

  This is in case issues about the arrangement that was earlier agreed upon arise.

  • Formulate an investment system

 Angel Investing in Qatar tends to rely on efficient systems that ensure optimized operations.

As the owner, it is your task to create, evaluate, and re-evaluate this kind of system that will guarantee quality and profitable results.

not just from your employees but from everyone and everything involved in the company.

  •  Know your finances

 Angel investors in Qatar rely heavily on capital and profits.

Even if you hire a professional accountant to handle your finances. 

it is important that you have more than just an inkling of knowledge about this aspect of your company.

 Know your financial limits. Likewise, have an idea of when will you receive payments.

You would not want to wake up realizing that you don’t have the money to pay this month’s electricity bill.


Investing in Qatar

Investing in Qatar through angel investors

The Middle Eastern branch of Angel Investment Network is an important online resource for investors.

and entrepreneurs in Qatar who are seeking investment opportunities, seed capital to start a business,

and private funding to expand their business.

Connections within Qatar, the region of your choice,

and other locations can be made through a simple sign-up process on our network.

Contact us for more information if need be.

We are available 24\7  to ensure our customers are satisfied.


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