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Best angel investor websites

Angel Investors Websites for startups

Angel investors’ websites are industry experts or veterans that invest in startups that they care about.

In addition to providing funds, they often work together with founders to provide mentoring.

This is what separates angels from traditional venture capitalists.

Angel investors are usually more passionate about the specific industry and often make the startup journey less lonely and more bearable.

Many angel investors also work in teams, so you will often find them as part of one network or the other.

This usually depends on the industry they cater to or their beliefs.

Top angel investor websites

  • Angel list

AngelList is a huge platform for startups.

It counts over 5 million members, 100,000+ startups, jobs, and investors all coming together to make things work.

Raising money from angel investors is free of charge on this website.

Angellist has been responsible for over 35% of top-tier venture capital deals in the U.S.

with over $1 billion flowing through the site.

Startups have the opportunity of securing both funding and find talent for hire.

Jobs include everything from software engineering to data science,

And also product managers, designers, and so on.

There are over 2 million candidates and this includes more than 700,000 developers looking to join startups.

Plus, there are 100,000+ startups of all sizes on the platform.

Further features include Product Hunt which lets you see what is new out there.

Syndicates to invest alongside prominent angel investors, and free tools for startups.

  • Gust angel investors websites

The Gust platform includes everything a platform needs to succeed.

From the initial company setup to funding rounds,

this network makes it easier to find the help you need.

You will get over 800,000 startups and over 80,000 investment professionals on Gust.

This makes it a really large network as well, where many things can happen.

There is Gust Launch, a company as a service offering.

It helps you to incorporate and run your company the way investors expect it to be.

This includes non-disclosure agreements, board of directors set up, stockholder agreement, and the adoption of bylaws.

All these help in increasing your funding chances.

Then there is Accelerate, a service that helps you to launch your offering.

It covers all the legal hurdles, provides a community to tap into.

as well as over $100,000 in savings from partner firms such as AWS, Hub site, and legal counsel.

Finally, Gust Raise makes it easy to analyze your company, receive audit-proof valuations, save on legal fees.

and find the right investors to fund your new venture.

  • Angel Investment Network

The Angel Investment Network is a global network of investors and entrepreneurs seeking funding.

Though it started in the UK, it currently has 30 branches and operations in 80 countries.

This network is also large, with over 270,000 investors and 1.3 million founders seeking funding.

These users are spread around the world and from different countries speaking different languages.

You can either register on the website directly or search for investors in your area of expertise.

You can also select a specific country or region that you would like to browse.

Accounts on this network start from Novice, which is free for a 30-day listing to Pro for a £149 90-day listing,

Global Pro for a £249 worldwide listing, and Executive for a 120-day £2,499 listing.

  • ACA

The Angel Capital Association is a collective of angel investors and their networks, spanning many industries.

Though the association focuses on the USA, it includes networks from Canada, South America, and the Middle East.

This brings its total of accredited angel investors to over 14,000,

with over 20,000 companies in the member’s investment portfolios.

You can use the website to search for angels, learn more about angel investing.

or keep up with news and events. And for investors,

I also offer a wealth of knowledge and insights to help make better investments and boost profits.

angel investors websites


  • Funded offers a simple pitching and funding process.

The site has been in operation for 10 years and enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Funded uses a Lender Match feature to quickly and easily connect pitches to the right investors.

Signing up for the Basic plan also grants you a free business plan executive summary to help your pitch.

But you can additionally get a fully comprehensive business plan written by Funded for a fee.

The basic plan comes with a free-trial period after which the service costs $99 per month.

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