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How to become an Angel Investor in the Gulf

Investing in Qatar
Become an Angel Investor in the gulf market as a great way to get huge returns from promising businesses, especially in Qatar and Kuwait where the sector is thriving. Now let’s tell you how you can become an Angel Investor in the Gulf market with Jason Morgan Investment Company.

How to become an Angel Investor

Understand how Angel Investment works

We cannot even over-emphasize this. Of course, it would be extremely important to understand how Angel Investing works before venturing into it. That is the first step to the process.

Here is a brief summary of what angel investors do:

Angel investors find promising startups through angel groups or networks like ours. And they perform careful research before moving forward. Angel Investors do not just support these businesses with capita. In addition, they help make business decisions for the startups and provide them with networking connections. Now the Angel Investor benefits from this by reaping the rewards of equity, revenue, and liquidity events like acquisition or an initial public stock offering. Become an Angel Investor investing in the gulf market of Qatar and Kuwait by joining us.

Know the rules

Most often, state agencies regulate angel investments. In some cases, you may be required to meet the requirement of being an accredited investor. Which depends on the sector you are investing in. Also, Non-accredited investors can however invest through crowdfunding.

Understand the risks

Just as there is a risk for the businesses, you also have to consider the risks when investing in a particular company. So it is important to consider whether the risk outweighs the benefits when investing in a particular company. In most cases, almost half of the angel investors have some of their invested funds, while the other half develop an impressive return that’s usually better than any other type of private equity. And the reason why this half is successful is that they chose the right businesses to invest in by letting the right investment platform link them to the most promising businesses. If you chose to let us provide you with the most promising businesses to invest in, then you can rest assured that the risk you take will be worth it. Also, We will help you make an informed decision about your investments.

Acquire More Knowledge about Angel Investing

As angel investing becomes a more popular practice, the resources about angel investing are growing. You can find articles, books workshops, and events that will enable you to learn more about angel investments right here on our website. Meeting other highly experienced angel investors on our platform and asking them for advice can be a critical step in educating yourself. Our experienced angel investors will be willing to share their networking connections with you, which could lead to finding a mentor or your first investment opportunity. So it’s that easy when you work with us.

Find and evaluate potential investments

Angel investments come with high risk and as such investors expect to receive high returns. Investors often look for a return of 20 to 50 times their initial investment over a span of 5 to 8 years. Our startup businesses in Dubai and Kuwait usually indicate their chances of a high return. Common industries in Dubai and Kuwait that attract angel investors include Clothing, Consumer products and services, Healthcare, Energy and utility, Mobile telecommunications, Fashion, Internet, Electronics, and more.

Join a group or platform

The number of startups looking for angel investors can overwhelm beginning investors, so joining an angel investing group like us can help investors find a startup that is a good fit for all parties. This is also a great way for you to learn more about angel investing. As a platform, we count on our collective experience as well as our extensive network of contacts to add value to our investees and investors through our ability to open doors and to mentor them.

Develop a strategy

Having a strong strategy for your investments guides you in making investments that suit your goals. Your strategy should consider how many investments you want to make over a certain period of time. It is important to consider the kinds of companies you like. Moreso, which industries you prefer, the location of the startup, and the amount of net worth you want to risk. It will also be important to decide if you are only looking for a return on investment or if you want to build a legacy and pass your experience and knowledge on to others. And the good thing is we are here to help with making the best strategies.

Decide what type of investor you are

Some of the most common types of angel investors are in Dubai and Kuwait are: Partner investors: Partner Investors heavily invest in the business operations of the startup and only work with one startup at a time. Socially responsible investors: If you choose to become a socially responsible investor, you will support startups that address the social needs of a particular area or group. Barter investors: Barter Investing offers an alternative means to monetary funds as barter investors invest in startups with services or goods. Value-oriented investors: Their main aim is to help startups by sharing their extensive business experience.

Choose a valuation method

To become an effective and successful angel investor in the gulf market you must choose a valuable method. Our Angel Investors use two main methods for valuing startups: the Benchmark Method and the Berkus Method. The Berkus Method was developed by a well-known angel investor named Dave Berkus. It uses certain value drivers to determine the value of the startup company. Investors evaluate these different drivers to help them determine whether they are making a sound investment.

Time to make an investment

Now, with an understanding of how everything is done, it is time to make your first investment. And this is where we come in. It is time to allow us to show you the best, most promising young businesses in Qatar and Kuwait with great return on investment potentials. When it comes to Angel Investing in the Gulf market, there is no better partner than Jason Morgan Investment Company because we have got a dedicated and experienced team, we have got the expertise and we will guide you through the process. CONTACT US FOR ANY FURTHER INQUIRIES
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