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An Angel Investor Available in Qatar

Jason Morgan Direct Investment in Qatar

Do you have an existing viable business that requires funding or an alternative high – budget project We are direct investors, seeking entrepreneurs with Bankable Business Plans (BBP) that are in need of funding, on a repayment interest rate of 5% per annum, or 51% equity share of the business ceded to us. Contact me directly for further discussion. Private equity investor’s in the gulf market. Contact us for your business funding, Contact your Angel investor. We fund your business and provide you with all the capital you need as a silent partner. You don’t need to go to any bank for financial assistance. Contact us to know our requirements.

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We invest growth equity in established small to mid-market companies across Gulf markets, in the Manufacturing and Industrials sectors (including agricultural processing), with an emphasis on unlocking their growth potential by adding substantial strategic, operational and management value. Investor in Private Sector. We expect to drive sustainable local job creation, enhance domestic production capacity and foster technical and managerial knowledge transfer in these sectors that are the backbone of a diversified economy.