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Private Investor in Dubai

1- Jason Morgan Private Equity Investor.

Do you have an existing viable business that requires funding or an alternative high – budget project We are direct investors, seeking entrepreneurs with Bankable Business Plans (BBP) that are in need of funding, on a repayment interest rate of 5% per annum, or 51% equity share of the business ceded to us. Contact me directly for further discussion. Private equity investor’s in the gulf market. Contact us for your business funding, Contact your Angel investor. We fund your business and provide you with all the capital you need as a silent partner. You don’t need to go to any bank for financial assistance. Contact us to know our requirements.

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Private Investor in the Gulf Countries. By focusing on job-intensive investments in the manufacturing, industrial and agricultural processing sectors, Jason Morgan Investment is strongly advancing several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in countries historically under-served by private capital. Jason Morgan Investment has also aligned itself with Banks in the Middle East in support of the industrialization of Gulf markets.