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Jason Morgan generates measurable developmental impact alongside financial returns

By focusing on job-intensive investments in the manufacturing, industrial and agricultural processing sectors, Jason Morgan Investment is strongly advancing several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in countries historically under-served by private capital. Private Investor in the Gulf Countries, Jason Morgan Investment has also aligned itself with Banks in the Middle East in support of the industrialization of Gulf markets.

Working within the manufacturing sector, in particular, demands higher attention to Environmental and Social issues as these operations face greater environmental challenges and have greater inprovement potential on these quantifiable metrics.

Meanwhile, as itself a women and minority owned enterprise, Jason Morgan Investment has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. Jason Morgan Investment is committed to the integration of women into the operations of our portfolio companies from the factory floor to the boardroom. 

Beyond gender diversity, Jason Morgan Investment also works to ensure that local talent is strongly represented both at the staff level and in the ownership and management our portfolio companies.