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Private Investor Available in Syria

Jason Morgan Investment(JMI) Portfolio Performance

Do you have an existing viable business that requires funding or an alternative high – budget project We are direct investors, seeking entrepreneurs with Bankable Business Plans (BBP) that are in need of funding, on a repayment interest rate of 5% per annum, or 51% equity share of the business ceded to us. Contact me directly for further discussion. Private equity investor’s in the gulf market. Contact us for your business funding, Contact your Angel investor. We fund your business and provide you with all the capital you need as a silent partner. You don’t need to go to any bank for financial assistance. Contact us to know our requirements.

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Venture Capital

Private Investor in the Gulf Countries, Jason Morgan Venture Capital Program aims to develop a diversified portfolio across all stages of venture capital. The program is designed to include direct investments, commitments to funds, and selective co-investments alongside fund managers.

Jason Morgan in the long run seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in promising venture capital-backed companies and with top-tier venture fund managers around the globe with emphasis on the U.S, Europe, and China and the Middle East. Jason Morgan’s investment team is interested in leveraging its global industry network and conducting its own analysis when considering investment opportunities. ​

Direct investments include leading and participating in equity funding rounds (Series A and beyond) in early stage and high growth companies. Fund investments are intended to be stage-agnostic (i.e to include seed, early stage, late stage, and growth), industry-agnostic, and geography-agnostic (i.e., to include global, U.S, Europe, China, and the Middle East) while targeting fund managers that have demonstrated persistent out-performance along with high levels of governance, alignment, and transparency.

Private Equity

Jason Morgan’s Private Equity Program aims to develop a diversified portfolio across various geographies, sectors, strategies and vintage years. Program investments include commitments to private equity funds or partnerships, opportunistic acquisitions of secondary interests in private equity funds and selective co-investments alongside General Partners.

Jason Morgan seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by investing with top-tier private equity fund managers around the globe and becoming a long term strategic partner. Jason Morgan targets fund managers that have demonstrated persistent out-performance along with high levels of governance, alignment, and transparency. The Private Equity team leverages its global industry network and conducts its own evaluations when considering investment opportunities. Jason Morgan is committed to alternative illiquid investments and has allocated a significant portion of its assets to these investments in order to earn the associated illiquidity premium and unique value creation alpha.

Direct Investments

Jason Morgan Investments focuses on making direct equity investments in private companies and projects. Private Investor in the Gulf Countries. Our goal in this regard is to acquire influential minority stakes with appropriate minority protection rights and board representations to ensure the implementation of our investment thesis and strategy. While our primary objective in making direct investments is to optimize returns, we take other factors into consideration when investing, including the investment’s potential role in contributing to the development of the Saudi​ economy, the transfer of expertise and technology to the local markets, as well as contribution towards national priorities.

Our History

Jason Morgan is an independent investment institution with a commercially-driven approach focusing on achieving high risk-adjusted returns. 
Upon incorporation, Jason Morgan’s board of directors and executive management team undertook an extensive and detailed process to formulate a long-term investment strategy.​

​That strategy has evolved to include the full range of traditional asset classes, including public equities, fixed income, hedge funds, private equity, and real assets. Private Investor in the Gulf Countries This evolution has been complemented by attracting an experienced team of the highest caliber that is dedicated to selecting, managing, and monitoring the investment portfolio.

Today, Jason Morgan, with investments in both local and international markets, manages a diversified, global portfolio across more than a dozen asset and sub-asset classes. The Company is also committed to nurturing local talent through various developmental and training programs by partnering with leading investment institutions and educational providers worldwide.​