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Real Estate Sector Investment in Qatar and Kuwait

Real Estate Sector Investment in Qatar and Kuwait

Real Estate Sector Investment in Qatar and Kuwait utilizes the revenues of its vast wealth of oil and gas in other sectors with a view to expand the economic base and develop a strong private sector,

and through its full and active membership in the World Trade Organization and flexible business regulations;

Also, it works to attract foreign investors to engage in other economic sectors.

They provide many investment incentives including low electricity, water, and gas rates;

Exemption from import taxes on heavy-duty machinery and their spare parts and raw materials;

Exemption from import taxes; unlimited quantities of imported materials;

No restrictions on money exchange and transfer of profits abroad;

Also, flexible regulations and procedures to import skilled and unskilled workforce.

What to consider before Investing in Real Estate

Know Your Purpose

Your purpose is to make money, right?

It’s pretty obvious.

But you need to think about how you want to make money through your real estate investments.

Are you looking to make some quick cash off of a sure thing, or are you looking to invest in the long haul?

Do you plan on improving the property you purchase or leaving it as is?

Do you want to rent the property out to other tenants, or is your prime motive to sell for a profit?

On the other hand, once you know what you plan on doing with your investment, you’ll be able to focus your efforts in order to maximize your potential profits.

And Real Estate Sector Investment in Qatar and Kuwait are here to help and guide you concerning investment. More Infor

Know the Property and Area

Different factors come into play depending on whether you’re purchasing property in a residential or commercial area. This includes leasing terms, interest rates, and other factors which will ultimately affect your bottom line.

You can’t just decide to purchase property without understanding its nuances, as well as the nuances of the surrounding area.

Know the Market

Evaluate the current state of the market. Find out if property prices are rising or falling.

Also, consider the history of marketing conditions in the area as well. You might know exactly what piece of property you want to invest in.

You might know exactly what you’re going to do with the property once it’s yours.

However, there are factors beyond your control that determine whether or not now is the right time to invest your money.

Just as when investing in the stock market, when it comes to investing in real estate you want to buy low, and sell high.

That’s pretty straightforward: If you want to make money by flipping your investment, you’ll want to sell your property for more than you bought it for.

But if your plan is to rent out your property, you need to know whether or not people or businesses looking to live or operate in the area are able to afford a price that will make the investment worth it on your end. In other words, you need to know that your property isn’t going to just sit there with a “For Rent” sign for months while you pick up the monthly cost of maintaining it without any income to show for it.

who can own real estate in Qatar and Kuwait

The following can buy and own real estate in Qatar:

  • Qatari and Kuwait nationals
  • GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nationals
  • Non-Qataris, Kuwait   and non-GCC nationals

Non-GCC foreign companies and individuals may own two types of properties – freehold and leasehold properties.

Freehold properties
Freehold property includes both the building and the land on which it sits. They may purchase and own freehold properties, but these are restricted to designated areas in the country.
 Leasehold properties
Foreigners may also enter into a leasehold contract, which gives lessees the right to use the commercial or residential property for 99 years. As with freehold properties, leasehold contracts are only allowed in designated areas, but leasehold properties may be used for residential as well as commercial purposes. Foreigners may own the building or structure of a leasehold property, but not the land on which it is built.

Ownership of a freehold property can give foreigners residency status in Qatar, which may be extended to their family members for as long as they own the property. Meantime, before foreigners can enter into a leasehold contract, they must first be holders of a valid Qatar visa.

The real estate market in Qatar

As of the last quarter of 2020, Qatar is a buyer’s market, making it a great time to invest in real estate here. While the market has been affected by major global and regional events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and a drop in oil prices, the prospect for 2021 and beyond remains positive.

As in the rest of the world, the unprecedented economic slowdown brought by the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted Qatar real estate. The country’s economy has also been affected by various political and economic developments in the region.

However, there are plenty of bright spots that augur a rebound of the market:

  • The Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 is expected to attract 1.2 to 1.5 million visitors, which can give the economy a significant boost.
  •  Since 2010, the country has seen a remarkable increase in the number of visitors, rising over 72% from 2010 to 2015. In the first seven months of 2019, the number of visitors was up 10% from the previous year.
  • Qatar has recently adopted new legislation that has made it easier for foreigners to invest in various sectors, including real estate.

Why Real Estate?

Investing in real estate is a very profitable venture only if you make smart and informed decisions.

Many real estate agents like gain great satisfaction in knowing they helped people through major times in their lives. That can be very rewarding for real estate professionals who have a passion for giving back.

You get to be your own Boss that is You can work from home, set your own goals, and reap the rewards of your successes.

You’re an expert you’ll find that you genuinely become knowledgeable and good at what you do. Clients look to you for advice on the market and you’ll know what to tell them. Real estate agents take great pride in being experts, and subsequently, teachers.

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