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investment in Qatar Through Angel Investors

Investment in Qatar through angel investors 

Investment in Qatar is an Art and many in this world fail to invest due to a lack of knowledge.

Many people invest in Fixed deposits, RD, Bonds, and Gold that give some reasonable returns but do not beat the inflations.

A few invest in mutual funds for short and medium terms and burn their fingers.

To invest your money, there are many options, and you need to decide your risk appetite.

First make your detailed Portfolio plan which covers, Financial Investments, Real Estate, and Bullion.

Keep your Financials diversified into FD, Mutual Funds, Equity Stocks, Business investments, Angel funding, NCDs and Bonds, etc.

Real estate and Bullions are long-term growers.

Do not put all eggs in one basket.

Diversify based on your requirement and keep investing.

The new law allows foreign investors to take 100% ownership of a Qatari company.

Previously, foreign investors could take only a 49% share (with a local Qatari partner taking 51%).

 In addition to setting up fully-owned local businesses, foreign investors, and resident ex-pats can trade on the Qatar stock exchange.

Furthermore, they can invest in private pension plans,

and access a wide range of other financial investments in the country.

This helpful guide to investing in Qatar covers the following topics:

  • Investment of money in Qatar

Resource-rich Qatar came relatively late to the foreign investment table.

However, billions of dollars of overseas investments now flood into the country every year, helping propel economic growth.

The country’s central bank says foreign capital inflows “have returned”

and “banking liquidity has improved” since the embargo started.

The process for launching a business and obtaining licenses has become more streamlined,

notes the Heritage Foundation, which compiles the annual Index of economic freedom.

It adds that in 2019 Qatar’s scores for government integrity and monetary freedom rose compared to 2018.

These rises offset declines in property rights and government spending.

Savings Account investment 

Expats in Qatar are served by a range of retail banks offering current, savings, and deposit accounts.

These include the International Bank of Qatar, Commercial Bank of Qatar, Al Khalij Commercial Bank of Qatar, Qatar Islamic Bank.

Pensions investing in Qatar

Expats cannot claim Qatari state pensions.

However, some employers in the country offer corporate pension schemes for ex-pats.

The type of plan varies, though, depending on whether the employer is a multinational or a Qatari company.

Many ex-pats choose to invest in a private pension plan while they are in Qatar.

Above all, the things to consider when looking into setting up a private pension plan include:

  • when you aim to retire;
  • how much you need to save to retire at that age;
  • the type of retirement lifestyle you want;
  • where you want to retire;
  • whether you have major expenses on the horizon;
  • how inheritance laws might affect retirement plans.

Investment Funds in Qatar

According to Investopedia, an investment fund is defined as “

A supply of capital belonging to numerous investors used to collectively purchase securities;

while each investor retains ownership and control of his own shares.

 An investment fund provides a broader selection of investment opportunities,

greater management expertise, and lower investment fees than investors might be able to obtain on their own, it adds.

 Types of investment funds available to foreign investors and ex-pats in Qatar include mutual funds and equity funds.

Qatar National Bank

Al Watani equity fund is available to resident experts and non-resident foreign nationals.

Contact us for more information if need be. We are always available 24\7.

investment in Qatar

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