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Who is an Angel Investor and how does it work in Kuwait and Qatar?

Angel investment network

Who is an Angel Investor?

An Angel investor is an individual or group of individuals who fund the business ideas or operations of startup companies in exchange for equity. We are an Angel investment company based in the Gulf market. Likewise, Our team consists of like-minded individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurs. Also, We have teams that can take their ideas from proof of concept to customer traction to scale with zeal, energy, determination, and ambition.

Our Angel Investors invest in seed and early-stage businesses with high growth potential in Dubai and Kuwait.

It ranges from:
  • Business professionals like accountants, bankers, lawyers, doctors, financial advisors, and more
  • Crowdfunding platforms that raise money and invest in businesses in exchange for a share of the future profits
  • Senior Executives of successful Companies
  • Tech entrepreneurs
  • Investors who are just in financing small businesses

How Angel Investment Works

With Angel investing, investors take on more risk compared with investing in the public markets. Also, Angel investors typically finance a business startup at the very early stages. Often, these businesses might not even have customers or generate any revenue at all — they may have only a great business plan, and perhaps a minimum viable product. Specifically, Capital from angel investors is frequently used by the business to formulate its product and service offering, design a business strategy, or identify its target market. As the business grows and scales its production, operations, and marketing, venture capitalists often enter the picture at this point to provide the next round of funding. There is no standard investment minimum or size to be an angel investor. The amount might be $2,000, or be as high as millions of dollars, depending on the business sector and how wealthy the investor is. In addition, An angel investor could decide to support the startup with a one-time investment or ongoing capital contributions, depending on the company’s financing needs. Usually, when these businesses grow and are successful, the angel investor can start generating a decent return in the form of equity or royalties. This is how the process looks like;

Identification of Investing Opportunities by an Angel Investor

Angel Investors usually identify opportunities revolving around healthcare, telecommunications, consumer products and services, electronics, and utilities. Once they have been established as a successful angel, either through more experience or by becoming part of an established angel group, the real business can start happening as they can go on to screen and select the best businesses to invest in. Screening process:   Angels go through a screening or scouting process where they separate the companies they want to work with from the ones they don’t. Angel investors look for higher return rates which could be up to 20 to 60 per cent. Startups pitch potential Angel investors: Most angels usually carry out business pitches to know a team and their story intimately before making any investment decisions. In such pitches, entrepreneurs give a brief overview of their business, financial needs, and ultimate goals to a group of investors to sell their idea. Angel Investors review the pitch: After a pitch, angel investors will take time to review the presentation materials and other pertinent information. This process includes asking lots of follow-up questions, reviewing the business plan, and looking into challenges.

Both parties establish terms of the deal:  

If a deal has the potential to be successful, the angel or angel investor will connect with the entrepreneurs about prospective deal terms. At this stage, they discuss the deal structure, valuation, and other crucial points. At the end of this process, we agreed on mutually acceptable terms.

Closing the deal:

At this point, everything including the terms has been agreed on by both the Angel Investor and the business. In order to close the deal, lawyers will need to draft definitive legal documents before any money can exchange hands. Legal counsel can usually pull together deal documents relatively quickly, ranging from one to two weeks, depending on the deal’s size. After everyone has signed off on the closing package, agreements, angel investors can begin offering mentorship, make introductions, offer board advice, and sometimes board service. The final step is for the Angel Investors to collect their returns after the business must have made huge returns on investment. They reap the rewards of equity, revenue, and liquidity events like acquisition or an initial public stock offering. Angel investors have ownership within the business, This usually includes decision rights and of course, would benefit by getting a return on their investment. Many successful angel investors have invested in other businesses in the past, so they have some experience and expertise. Still, We make decisions on how the business runs. That’s the likely hood that the business grows will grow is high. Having us come into your business comes with many benefits. Above all, angels provide funding through equity finance. This means your business will not be weighed down with debt. Consequently, there isn’t the need to provide security to secure the funding, And there isn’t the pressure of interest and repayments.

Are you looking for funding or want to invest in Kuwait and Dubai?

If you are planning to go into Angel Investing in Dubai or Kuwait, then you should as based on experience, These countries are some of the most lucrative when it comes to Angel Investing and we are your best bet. Contact us today, whether you are a business or an Investor, and let’s link you to your best partner. We have got a dedicated team, we have got the expertise and more.